The basics of corporate photography

handy-cam-846427-mAs a corporate photographer you will be faced with the prospect of several events; these can range from corporate dinners to Christmas or birthdays parties. If you are an amateur in the field of corporate photography my advice on how to prepare for and handle these photo shoots will serve you well.

1)      Blend in

It is necessary to look like a professional at a corporate event. At an event where you are surrounded with your clients dressed in tuxedos and dinner jackets, the dress code is obviously formal. Make sure you find out from your clients what the dress code is, and dress appropriately to blend in. Believe me; you definitely do not want to stand out as the only one in casual attire.

2)      Get the schedule

It is crucial for a professional event photographer to know the itinerary and the complete schedule of the event beforehand. By knowing the schedule you can figure out when they need you the most; be it during dinner or photographing the key-note speakers at the event.

3)      Do not interrupt

Most of people will readily pose and allow you to photograph them when they see you approach; however, it is best to be as unnoticeable as you can. Important people may not like to be interrupted from deep conversations to pose for pictures. Do not attempt to pitch in and engage in conversation; it is their event and your job is merely to photograph it.

4)      Do not consume alcohol

Corporate often have open bars, this does not mean that you get a free pass to drink. Act like a professional and avoid accepting a drink even if it is offered to you.

5)      Do not photograph people eating

Eating food can be messy and so will your photographs be if you click guests with food in their mouth. It can also be severely irritating to people and you must refrain from doing this. It can be a good idea to have a large meal before the event, in case it is a long one.

The availability of several digital platforms has taken corporate photography to a whole new level with better equipment and more demanding clients. Armed with these basics you can certainly make your mark as a pro!

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