Things to keep in mind while shooting pregnancy photography

playing-time-1156583-mThere is an ever-growing demand for professional photographers today in pregnancy photography. Maternity photography can be challenging concept because you are technically documenting a mother’s body as her child grows within her. Pregnant women can look beautiful in their maternity photos, you just need to plan your shoot and have a few techniques up your sleeve. I’ve listed a few tips that are sure to help you plan your next pregnancy photo shoot.

  • It is a good idea for you to be present at your shoot at least an hour early. This will help you zone in and be mentally present as well as set up your camera and equipment.


  • It might be wise to carry some fresh food along to outdoor shoots in case the mother experiences hunger pangs in the middle of your photo shoot.
  • Playing some mood music is advisable as it will help the mother and the father relax and keep calm.
  • When it comes to the clothes you want your client to be wearing, think carefully. You want something that fits well and accentuates the curves of the mother as well as shows off the baby bump.
  • Opt for colorful clothing and watch your pictures come to life; pregnancy is a time for celebrating the new life that is soon to arrive.
  • Make sure you clear the clutter in the background, if you’re shooting at the client’s home. You want the house to look serene and peaceful before the baby arrives.
  • Taking your pictures from a higher anger above the mother will flatter her body shape and make her seem slimmer apart from the baby bump.
  • In case the father or other family members are not present, make sure you keep letting the mother know that she is doing a good job and reassure her. This will go a long way in getting her to look relaxed, calm and confident in pictures.

Your job as a professional specializing in maternity photo shoots is to give the expectant mother a memorable experience. The souvenir of which will be the amazing photographs of her cherished pregnancy!

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